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Thanks For All the Fish, and I Don’t Love the Rolling Stones

Posted by middlerage on December 6, 2014

But I do like and admire them, and, well, they are an appropriate reference for this post. The Stones just keep rolling along, year after year, and putting out good music. Most rock bands break up in a fiery fashion, often with members dying in celebrity, and some bands should break up but don’t (their relevance long vanished). But the Stones do manage to stay somewhat relevant, whether you like them or not, and I am envious of their continued ability to just have fun.

However, this blog is not that band, and I need to give it a dignified end – which in the world of blogging is as simple as just saying This is the End. (Where most blogs simply rust in place with a battered screen door banging in the lonely prairie wind.)

It is, of course, tempting to invoke the Doors rather than the Stones, because their song The End is the de facto homage to ends, however it is a blazing tribute to psychotic ends and sociopath murderings. This blog is far from that  (I would hope!) and it is a tip of the hat to the Rolling Stones rather than Morrison’s moldy grave that I wish to make.

Taking a cue from the estimable Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy I’d like to say So long and thanks for all the fish. It is regretable, because I do still have things to say, besides which, as one reader told me (long ago), it is a great way to stay connected with my dear friends. However, in honesty, I’m not saying those things, and I am not updating the blog. That is not going to change – I just don’t have the same impulse to sit down and do it. Which is a shame because I really love feeling connected to you all, so, really, thank goodness for the hated Facebook.

Anyhoo, many thanks for tuning in, best wishes to all my readers, don’t wander too far, drop me an email, and fer godsakes update your FB status. And with typical Jesse-type-wavering I am not stopping blogging altogether…

(In addition to the not very updated teaching blog) I am going to open a new, very casual blog devoted to music, and updated quite randomly and … to be honest with myself, likely not often. I always did favor the Music Fridays category of this blog, which is ironic because I tried to kill that category off once! You guys wouldn’t let me, and, well, now I shall continue that in Jesse’ Musical Explorations (or some such title).

But for now, Peace out, Hasta Luego, Regards, Ciao, Hefti, CYA, buh-bye

With much affection,

Tea Time


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Music Fridays – A Samovar of Musical Fun

Posted by middlerage on September 26, 2014

I ferget how I stumbled on this whacky Ruskie band (well, ruskie founded Austrian band), but they’s a whole lotta fun. And they have horns!

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Military Climatology

Posted by middlerage on September 20, 2014

It’s been ages since middlerage has posted anything about climate. But this is totally interesting. Dude.


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