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The POTUS gives a SOTUS to the COTUS

Posted by middlerage on January 28, 2010

The HOR and the SOTUS were there and so was the SCOTUS. Whenever I see the acronym SCOTUS on law review sites I see Scrotum. I can’t help myself.

I watch State of the Union speeches now. I couldn’t stand that other guy, and usually turned off the TV in about 5 minutes.  Now I watch. Did it seem long? There was an amazing and subdued silence toward the end. A kind-of we’re in a shithole seminar and nobody was cheering.

Some highlights for me – the bit about gays in the military. We’ll see if Obama makes it happen. His speeches have been long on “I’ll work towards…” but so far short on actual effectivness. He also stuck a few barbs into the fat, GOP corpus. I liked the bit about how eight years ago an administration inherited a budget surplus and he inheirited two wars and a staggering deficit. Another highlight was his piece about not bein’ happy wit’ the recent SCOTUS ruling about campaign finance. The nine just sat there. Shrunken. Huddled in their robes, looking dweebish. LIke the loser kids on the playground.

Oh yeah, and to this climate change scientist a surprising and welcome inclusion of nuclear as part of the solution.

One Response to “The POTUS gives a SOTUS to the COTUS”

  1. sir-eats-a-lot said

    if I recall the decision was 5-4, and while I don’t agree with nit in spirit, legally I do. In college, in the morals class. we spent a few weeks talking about corporations as “Moral Persons” and their decisions on what charity to fund, or where to build the plant has a perverse influence on who was or was ot selected, has the same effect a single powerful individual like the robber barrons had in the 1800’s

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