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Another Quiz (Gee aren’t these fun?)

Posted by middlerage on February 28, 2010

How is your science knowledge? Here is a fun quiz from the Pew Center:

The Science Knowledge Quiz

Are you more science-savvy than the average American?

Take the quiz and find out

Along with that quiz is a report about a Pew telehone survey of Americans on their view of Science and Scientists:

The survey of opinions about the state of science and its impact on society was conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

As someone in the field of climate science (and that bugaboo – Global Warming), I was surprised by this opening passage:

Americans like science. Overwhelming majorities say that science has had a positive effect on society and that science has made life easier for most people. Most also say that government investments in science, as well as engineering and technology, pay off in the long run. And scientists are very highly rated compared with members of other professions[.]

In climatology we really get hounded by an impression the general public feels it is all a scam, or at least wrong. Which relates to this passage farther down the article:

While the public holds scientists in high regard, many scientists offer unfavorable, if not critical, assessments of the public’s knowledge and expectations. Fully 85% see the public’s lack of scientific knowledge as a major problem for science, and nearly half (49%) fault the public for having unrealistic expectations about the speed of scientific achievements.

The article goes on to point out areas of common agreement between scientists and the public as far as positive contributions of science, notably Medicine and the lIfe Sciences. But there is also mention of disagreements between the general public and scientisits. As I read further into the article and I am looking, looking looking for it. Aha, there IT is:

And the near consensus among scientists about global warming is not mirrored in the general public. While 84% of scientists say the earth is getting warmer because of human activity such as burning fossil fuels, just 49% of the public agrees.

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Nolan Charts

Posted by middlerage on February 27, 2010

Libertarians love to hand out “The world’s shortest political quiz.” It is the famous Nolan Chart, in which one answers a few questions about freedom, and then Discover! that since they believe in so much freedom they are actually libertarians and never even knew it. In a nutshell, libertarians believe in individual freedom AND corporate freedom. I love taking their little test, because  I always come out squarely where I expect to:

I just ain’t hip to lettin corporations run around doing their own thing. “Oh market forces will make the airlines stop sitting on the tarmac for 24 hours with no food, no water, no bathrooms and no de-planing.”


Take the quiz yourself! It’s fun, it’s easy. Amaze your friends! Charm your sweeties!

Nolan Chart dot com experienced a major server crash after Glenn Speck…errr Beck took the test on air. But you can take the test here.

I like Libertarians. No really. I like how seriously they take the Constitution. I like how quixotic and patriotic and quixotically patriotic and patriotically quixotic they are. And when it comes to personal issues, like keeping government out of our bedrooms and bong pipes, they are spot on the money. I even voted for one of their ilk to be guv’ner in the last NC election. He wanted to do away with the death penalty.

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Religious Solicitation

Posted by middlerage on February 27, 2010

I have a homemade sticker by the side of my doorbell. It says “Absolutely No Solicitation.” In the past month, including today’s visit from Mormons, I have had two proselytizers knock at the door. WTF? Get a dictionary…except in both instances when I brought it up they said, “Oh no, we’re not solicitors…” I cut them off. I firmly shut the door. While glowering.

What the hell is with this parsing of definitions. Is there some obscure meaning to Solicitation? Even so, if you saw such a sign, out of respect wouldn’t you go to a default? As in the default condition for odd signs on residential doors is Fucking don’t knock.

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