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Moving Closer to Exoneration

Posted by middlerage on February 4, 2010

In a New York Times article, it is reported that Michael Mann is being cleared by a univeristy investigative panel.

In some of the e-mail messages, Dr. Mann refers to his assembly of data from a number of different sources, including ancient tree rings and earth core samples, as a “trick.” Critics pounced on the term and said it was evidence that Dr. Mann and other scientists had manipulated temperature data to support their conclusions. But the Pennsylvania State inquiry board said the term “trick” was used by scientists and mathematicians to refer to an insight that solves a problem. “The so-called trick was nothing more than a statistical method used to bring two or more different kinds of data sets together in a legitimate fashion by a technique that has been reviewed by a broad array of peers in the field,” the panel said.

Nevertheless the whole climategate scandal has been a serious black eye to the field.

While the Pennsylvania State inquiry, conducted by three senior faculty members and administrators, absolved Dr. Mann of the most serious charges against him, it is not likely to silence the controversy over climate science. New questions about the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to which Dr. Mann was a significant contributor, have arisen since the hacked e-mail messages surfaced last November.


One Response to “Moving Closer to Exoneration”

  1. Sir-eats-a-lot said

    at first I thought you meant the film director, the science is way over my head, but the issue faces a common problem. When you introduce anyting new to any field, it has to have a 100% success rate, if it is 99% people only remember the 1%. This is true to all fields, it could be the passing game over the running game in football, or Keysonian economics over supply side. Each theory needs years of study until the final analysis is moot, everyone knows the answer, unless Jesus said different

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