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Another Phrase I Like

Posted by middlerage on July 30, 2010

backhanded compliment – it is just so loaded with meaning for the native speaker.

I also love the British version – Damning with faint praise.

The concept is just such a funny truism of how we behave. I think I partly love it because I’ve committed the act too often. Self analysis time.

Say that shirt hides some of your fat!

Those great sunglasses take attention away from your gray hairs.

I don’t think his fielding skills were the worst of the baseball season.

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Wish You Were Here, Or Tea Time at the Beach

Posted by middlerage on July 30, 2010

Miss me? Been wonderin’ why no posts? VACATIONNNNNN Baaaby.

Not much to say. Hope to get back to significant posts soon. A few items to note:

Bogue Sound Watermelons really are all dat. Yumilicious.

The Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant really is all dat. Had scrumptilicious blue fish fresh caught. Squash casserole, and mushy rutabagas (not that rutabagas can ever taste good, but they bring back fond memories of mom’s cooking. Hmmm, that sounds like a backhanded compliment but it’s not. Mom can cook a meal like a ringin’ a bell). I really wanted deep fried oysters, but they waz all out. Life’s bummers can turn itno good things – I never woulda tried the blue fish otherwise.

The west coast is a young man’s ocean. Cold current and big waves. The east coast is an old man’s ocean. Small waves and warm gulf stream. 80deg water. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Lots of bikini patterns are pretty, even charming. But surprisingly, there is nothing like the all black bikini against some bronze skin. That is a whole ‘nother level of wow.

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Denial of Dignity. + Here’s to Love.

Posted by middlerage on July 24, 2010

I don’t  think this video needs much in the way of commentary from me. Just want to say, “Let us be a better country than this.”

What I did have… was the love of my life, and that was, more important than any social security ultimately. We don’t all get that. But I got it. And, uhhh, I’m a very fortunate man.

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