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Denial of Dignity. + Here’s to Love.

Posted by middlerage on July 24, 2010

I don’t  think this video needs much in the way of commentary from me. Just want to say, “Let us be a better country than this.”

What I did have… was the love of my life, and that was, more important than any social security ultimately. We don’t all get that. But I got it. And, uhhh, I’m a very fortunate man.

One Response to “Denial of Dignity. + Here’s to Love.”

  1. Danny V said

    Very sad and moving, I had hoped when I was a young lad that this country would be miles ahead of where we are now, and the current political climate leads me to believe that change comes very slow, that nothing really happens until enough people believe in something, that the rest of the country feels safe joining in. I don’t believe them to be cowards, most don’t feel good standing out in the crowd.

    What I find ironic, is that many people get on disability for no other reason then being drug addicts and emotional problems. I’m not saying they aren’t worthy, but you think any couple that can prove they have been in a committed relationship for a long time would get those same benefits

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