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As Big As Your Head

Posted by middlerage on November 10, 2010

Chalk up another addition to the Phrases I like category. I find I use this a lot with messican restaurants, “They got a margarita there that comes in a glass as big as your head!” “This place serves up a burrito as big as your head.” However, it doesn’t have to be exclusively used for dining out. Anyway, here is the updated list o’ PILs:

Phrases I like

  • As big as your head
  • Better than a sharp poke in the eye
  • Piss or get off the pot
  • Tear him/her a new asshole
  • Put some mustard on it
  • Now you’re shittin’ in tall cotton
  • a fine kettle of fish
  • Back-handed compliment (Damning with faint praise)
  • Hotter than a two dollar pistol
  • Brown as a berry

Phrases I don’t necessarily like, but find useful

  • No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

One Response to “As Big As Your Head”

  1. Susan said

    Ironically, Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant here in Austin sells “Big as yo’ face burritos” (that’s literally what it says on the menu which you can see posted at http://www.chuys.com/documents/Menu.pdf ), not “big as your head” burritos.

    Are we being ripped off? Dang it! Now I want a burrito as big as my head, not just as big as my face….

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