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A Temporary Spanking to the Patriot Act

Posted by middlerage on February 9, 2011

The Patriot Act n. Bloody-minded, anti-citizen, big-brother intrusion into our lives, that allows nefarious things like analyzing your library reading record while gagging the librarians from letting you know it’s happening. Other egregiousness, (courtesy of helpful list from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)):

• The government’s power under PATRIOT Section 215 to obtain secret court orders for Internet, phone and business records of people who are not suspected of terrorism or spying;
• The government’s “lone wolf wiretapping” power, allowing it to get court orders authorizing secret foreign intelligence wiretaps against individuals who have no connection to any foreign power or terrorist group; and
• The government’s power to obtain blank-check “roving” wiretap orders that can be used to tap any phone number, email account or other communications facility that the government believes is being used by its target.

According to news lines today, (I found this at both the EFF website and on NPR), a bi-partisan coalition of Tea-Party Republicans and Democrats have temporarily stalled renewal of the PA.

But don’t breathe easy yet.

(Bloody-minded? I’m not sure what that the hell that even means, but I like the sound of it. My beach, my waves)


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