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Music Fridays – What Would You Get…

Posted by middlerage on June 8, 2012

…if tropical rain came alive, and began to compose music?

The great thing about working at a university is the great exposure to cultural diversity, special programs, seminars, and lectures of any and all things scholarly or intellectual. Some years ago, the university hosted a small chamber concert by a Malian artist named Mamadou Diabate. He plays the kora, a traditional African instrument, and his music and skill were overwhelming. I promptly purchased a CD from the little table outside.

Here I post two videos – one is a live performance with so-so fidelity, but it gives you chance to watch him play; the other a typical slide show video made to accompany a scrape from a CD. It is slightly better fidelity (or at least as good as YouTube/computer can get) to give you an idea of how lovely this sound is. I’m no musician, but if I was, Diabate is one of those folks who’d make me want to break my instrument, and join a monastery. Watching him play was magical; and no surprise, when he took audience questions, he was so gracious and deep as to be angelic.


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