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This, That, ‘n’ Some Other

Posted by middlerage on August 1, 2012

A few musings to poop out a post:


middlerage supports Chik-fil-A’s right to sell sexless chicken carcasses to sexless christian fundamentalists.


How come I keep getting “Share this” posts on Facebook about how to construct my “blues” name or my “heavy metal” name, but never my porn name?

Blindrage Lemon wants to know if he’s also Middlesized Thumper. Or  Johnny Steams. (You should know, I had more self-deprecating thoughts for names, but vanity (or embarrassment) won out)


And what about His and Hers towels? I definitely fall on the descriptive side of the grammar spectrum, rather than the proscriptive side. So I don’t mind His and Hers, but how come it ain’t His and Her? You wouldn’t say Hers and His, right?

Actually, I would. Her and His just doesn’t sound right, either. Maybe if it was Her and His’s, but that is just plain wrong.

The more I say His and Her towels in my head, the better it sounds. But if I picture a single towel with Her on it, it looks wrong all over again. Except it’s silly to  say, “hers towel.” “That’s hers towel over there.” Yikes.


Shew! There’s a lot of italics in this post, isn’t there? Perhaps figuratively as well as literally.


6 Responses to “This, That, ‘n’ Some Other”

  1. Jerry said

    Ah, Grammar. It’s good to ponder things like this now and again. I think the pronoun-laden towels are actually shorthand for “This towel is his” and “This towel is hers” rather than “His towel” and “Her towel”. At least, with that explanation I can sleep at night again.

    On a similar front, my brother reports that his elder offspring says “I, too” rather than “Me too.” I think the kid is right. Leave it to the czechs to get our pronouns right. They even know when to use “whom”.

  2. jjhensley said

    According to http://gangstaname.com/names/porn/generate , your porn name is:

    “Dirk Maxim.”

    I love that it’s “Maxim” and not “Maxum,” as I read your blog, in part, for your pithy maxims.

    Okay, I just generated my and Muddledrambler’s porn names from that site, and they’re not to see the light of day.

  3. ‘How come I keep getting “Share this” posts on Facebook about how to construct my “blues” name or my “heavy metal” name, but never my porn name?’

    I posit it’s because the people who propagate name generator posts on Facebook are sexless christian fundamentalists.

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