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GooooaaaAAALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!

Posted by middlerage on November 8, 2012

In another two months time, middlerage will have been unemployed for three years. Yesterday I got the news that I had secured gainful employment.

The long night is over.

My thoughts and my heart remain with all the “99 weekers” who are still struggling.


7 Responses to “GooooaaaAAALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!”

  1. middlerage said

    I won’t go into specifics on the blog, in order to maintain privacy. But you can ask by email, if you want.

  2. Mark Leisher said

    Shazam! Congratulations and welcome back to the 1%. Let me know if you don’t receive my email in a couple days or so. I might have an old one (circa Dahveed leaving FB).

  3. Annie said

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you 🙂

  4. FAtman said

    I didn’t realize it had been three years, I am very happy the the recovery has started with you as its first Beneficiary, now you can complite that 27 disc HD catalog of Three Stoogies movies.

  5. Jerry said

    Sweet, Dude! I will be sending my query momentarily.

  6. Anonynurse said

    wait a sec . . . are you going to be the new head of the CIA? the timing is so perfect. congrats and give ’em hell!

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