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Ain’t History Fun?

Posted by middlerage on November 12, 2012

Gen. Petraeus’ affair is all over the news this week, and an extraordinary amount of hand wringing is going on. Sometimes I think journalists are more prudish than the Puritans (my local newspaper regularly publishes the pics of johns arrested in prostitution stings. Cuz, like, you know that could lead to a six hour workday or socialism or something).

I just wanna say, Ike defeated the Nazi’s all while diddling his driver Kay Summersby. I love history.

Granted, Petraeus is(was) king of the CIA, and secrets could’ve been compromised. But I get the sense Petraeus is so principled he would confess an affair before the Russkies could blackmail him. Half of the reason sex scandals are scandalous is the public reaction. Take that away and you just have sex.

Middlerage is now going to go fluff his pillow on the couch, as the lovely one is not amused.


8 Responses to “Ain’t History Fun?”

  1. Dahveed said

    I think it’s more a matter of crass commercialism than prudishness. They always take the angle that results in the most readers, regardless of whether it’s accurate, fair, or in alignment with social mores. (And of course this ain’t new — I just listened to a podcast on Iva Toguri D’Aquino, aka Tokyo Rose, and was reminded of that. That poor lady was absolutely railroaded.)

    That said, I’m with The Lovely One on this (and not just to gain points with switbo, although I’m not above that). Generals take oaths; lives and national security are dependent on their decisions. I have a lot less confidence in a general who doesn’t have the integrity to honor a basic oath like marriage, and makes seemingly reckless decisions that put an otherwise sterling career at risk. I felt the same way about Clinton and I’m a liberal democrat.) It’s not about morality; it’s about integrity (which I define as doing what you say you’re going to do – you can be immoral and still do that) and good decision making.

    • Mark Leisher said

      Ditto! Well said.

    • middlerage said

      I agree that reckless decisions are a very bad flag. And one of the things coming out as the news digs deeper is that secrets were compromised. Such as travel movements of brass. However, what if it isn’t a zero sum equation: what if keeping marriage vows does not automatically translate into a better soldier. What if the same lack of a moral connections in the brain that leads to an affair also happen to lead to an extremely strategic thinker? Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, and Petraeus all caught with their pants down, but also all rising to the top. We might need to cut the alpha males some slack, if we want the best to lead.

      • Dahveed said

        That’s entirely possible. But I’m not keen to cut these guys slack because 1) they volunteered for it, 2) I feel like my well-being is somewhat dependent on their integrity and decision making [that’s really scary when I type it out!], and 3) I’m not holding them to any higher standard than I’m holding myself, as I took an oath too.

  2. Jerry said

    What Dahveed said. And I also don’t want a guy running the CIA who thinks gmail is secure.

    • Mark Leisher said

      Hah! I can’t help feeling that their lapses in judgement go beyond what we already know. Once judgment starts lapsing, things start to get messy, making cover ups all the more tempting.

  3. Anonymous said

    I am enjoying playing devil’s advocate. But I also apparently pick my friends well.

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