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Music Fridays – Finally! A Reader Suggestion!

Posted by middlerage on November 16, 2012

Anonynurse comes through whilst drinking eiswein* on Ísland. Warning, a nice long post; sit back and enjoy your Frigga’s Day.

I’ve always wanted readers to be participants in featuring music on Music Fridays, but so far no one has stepped up (Notso Nieuw’s adventures in mercenary trombonification, not withstanding). But Anonynurse gets a gold star for the first unsolicited suggestion, and what an awesome suggestion it is. She turns me on to the band Úlfur Úlfur, hailing from the barren, viking outpost of Iceland. Those nutty Icelanders have a thriving pop scene complete with their own interpretation of hip-hop and R&B; Úlfur Úlfur are a trio who put American-style hip-hop through the Björk blënder of sophisticated Euro-dance-pop. (Gawd, scary how magazine-music-review-pablum just rolls off my lips). Of course, the dynamite thing about YouTube, is that when you do a search for a certain item, they also give links to things that may be related. As such, I spent a very pleasant afternoon exploring “Ísland rapp.” I discovered two other Icelandic artists who tickle my fancy, and I’ll put their stuff below, as well.

First up is Anonynurse’s favorite, the moody Spor, from Úlfur Úlfur’s album Föstudagurinn Langi. Then comes my fave off the same album, Eg Er Farinn, a poppy, euro-techno number that will put a pep in your step. I like it, Dick, I can dance to it, I give it a 98. And guess what! If you too like Úlfur Úlfur, you can download the album for free at: http://www.ulfurulfur.com/. The site is all in Icelandic, so I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find the right button to click (anyone who ever had a hard science course in college is secretly cursing me.) It’s kinda sad/cool the music is free, and if they have a donate button, they need to label it in English.

Next up is Blikk Blikk by Emmsje Gauti. This was a happy discovery when YouTube posted “things you might like” next to the Úlfur Úlfur videos. Gauti is more of a straight rapper, and most of his stuff is not appealing to me, but Blikk Blikk is amazing. It has a very layered and “big” sound that I dig, it also seems to be somewhat an homage (or plagiarism, YMWV) of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin On? Just for kicks I’ll post Marvin right below, so you can make your own comparison. I am really enjoying Blikk Blikk, but I know I’ll still be listening to What’s Going On? in thirty years – that song just gives me chills. Blikk Blikk? – who knows? The video scrolls the lyrics, so you  get to practice Icelandic. Bonus!

If you like Emmsje Gauti, here is a link to some info and an opportunity to buy the song(s): https://www.gogoyoko.com/artist/emmsjegauti

I am tempted, but don’t know if they’ll take my ‘merican money. But hey, only 0.89€ !

Next, if Apple can patent rounded corners and click-n-pull windows, then I think every black American rapper should patent body language. Check out the next video – also by Gauti – which is a straight forward rap with a friend. The Gangsta-style body movements look hilarious on a couple white dudes from Scandia. I nickname them DJ Vitamin D and MC Albedo. But the guy with the funny eyebrows has a beautiful voice; I can groove to it, Mr. Clark, I give it an 85. We should all be gettin’ royalties for “muthafucker” as this gem is dropped by rappers the world over.

Next up, I post a ska-licious (or is it Israeli sounding?) rap by the hilariously named, Gnusi Yones, featuring Gauti. This funky number puts the “tropical” in island paradise…or should I say Ísland Paradise?

Finally (I told you this is a long post), I round out with a couple more of Ulfur Ulfur: I Nott and Fostudagurinn Langi. These two songs are possibly their most popular, and perhaps I should’ve posted Fostudagurinn Langi on last week’s homage to marijuana – is it just me, or do I hear the refrain “Puff Puff Pass” in this song?

Anyway, all videos posted below, so put on your hoody, insert your gold grill, and put some rune tats on your  forearms. And Enjoy.

*Yes I know “eiswein” is german not icelandic…but hey, it rhymes. Call me DJ Opportunist. Once again, wtg Anonynurse.




4 Responses to “Music Fridays – Finally! A Reader Suggestion!”

  1. Mark Leisher said

    Good stuff! I always thought Iceland was a hotbed of creativity, musical and otherwise, but never really pursued it.

    BTW, I think the Gnusi Yones rap is probably Slavic or Israeli influenced. Sounds like some Czech folk-rock stuff I can’t seem to locate at the moment.

  2. Anonynurse said

    YAY! well, of course I loved this post! and what a huge WHEW! when i read your music post the friday before last and learned that i had inspired a music friday post, i was petrified that it might be a post about WORST COVER SONGS, EVER . . . thanks to my rant about Rickie Lee Jones’ cover of The Band’s song The Weight . . . a cover that makes me want to stab my ears out. What a pleasant surprise to find it was instead about music that i love!

    Plug: Ulfur Ulfur’s Fostudagurinn Langi was a “song of the day” on KEXP’s free podcast. i have discovered a ton of awesome bands through this podcast, and, of course, some not so awesome bands. but it’s still a lot of fun to get a new free song every day and oftentimes from a band i have not heard of before, some with crazy names, like, ‘Mexican Chili Taco Fiesta’ whose song “Tamales Oaxaquenos” makes me crave surfing. you should check it out.

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