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Music Fridays – Current Events

Posted by middlerage on November 23, 2012

A comment from the muddledrambler has inspired me to work on a James Bondian themed Music Fridays; maybe by next Friday. In the meantime, it’s lazy daze here at Tea Time, and I just want to throw up something quick and dirty. Inspired by the Gen Petreaus affair. For Dahveed, Mark L, and the muddledrambler, who all wow me with their sense of oath-taking. And of course for the lovely one.

From: Scott Broadwell
To: General Petreaus
re: my wife, Paula

dear asshat,
see first video below. If unconvinced, see second video. Regards, - dude who has your number.

2 Responses to “Music Fridays – Current Events”

  1. Dahveed said

    Asshat should be added to your list of great words, assuming it’s not already there.

    Whatever happened to The Darkness? They were all the rage for awhile then disappeared (at least to me).

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