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Dicks, Douchebags, and Asshats

Posted by middlerage on November 29, 2012

Has a finer post title ever been written?

I am musing on the fact that so much of our derogatory language comes at the expense of wimin. Why is that? Well, we all know the answer, and it’s complex and would take about 500 hours and several PhD dissertations to dissect. My readers aren’t stupid and I’m not telling them anything new.

Still, it’s interesting that “bitch” is now acceptable language for TV, and one of my favorite shows regularly uses the term “douche” to describe dickish behavior on the part of a man. Unless you live in a French-speaking country, “douche” and/or “douchebag” refers to the vagina-cleansing ritual and/or tools. So let’s be honest, every straight dude spends his life trying to get inside a woman’s vajayjay, but when we’re pissed off we’ll call someone a Douche? Cunt? Whore? Bitch? Never testicle or scrotum or foreskin.

How come we can use douche but not dick on TV? That doesn’t seem fair. Which is why I advocate for “asshat.” The gender-neutral pejorative: you’re an asshat, she’s an asshat, he’s an asshat. Unless you’re really mad – then you call someone a piece of shit. You’re not even the whole pile, mannn, you’re just a PIECE, a fragment, an extrusion of shit.

So anyway, write to your favorite TV series and ask them to start incorporating “asshat” into the dialogue. It’s the right thing to do.


7 Responses to “Dicks, Douchebags, and Asshats”

  1. Dahveed said

    _Supernatural_ makes regular use of asshat and douchebag. Bag of Dicks too. Ah, the miracle of cable television.

  2. Jerry said

    I support ‘funkin'” as in “KC and the Sunshine Band are a bunch of funkin’ asshats.”

  3. middlerage said

    I support funkin over freakin, but freakin is better known. I think this whole thing was just an excuse to say vajayjay. Vagina is okay, but vajayjay you wanna take bowlin. It just sounds happy and fun!

  4. Jerry said

    I once read an interesting if unsupported article about the swear words that different cultures use. In our country there are some references demeaning to the female of the species, but much more common are references to the act of sex (well, just one word, predominantly, but it’s common), and then a treasure trove of references to the bunghole, things that come out of the bunghole, and occasionally things that go into the bunghole.

    The most common profanity in Czech is “Tý Vole!” which is interchangeable with “fuckin'” in English and is used as a verbal tick in the same way, but literally means “you ox”. Apparently it caught on in the ’60’s.

    Bowlin’ with Vajayjay! The new hit series on Fox!

  5. switbo said

    Even curses that are specifically aimed at men are often derogatory towards women. Ie: “Son of a bitch”, and “mother fucker”. Even “bastard” technically means that you were born out of wedlock and implies that (therefore) your mother was a tramp.

    And my inner geek is showing because I used “fracking” almost as much as I use “freaking”.

    And, or course, since the boys have been old enough to speak I’ve trained myself to say things “peanut butter!”, “son of a peanut!”, and “fudge!”. The things we do for our children.

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