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Whither the Blog, Part II

Posted by middlerage on December 9, 2012

In my last post I was pondering how I might keep on blogging given the rude (wink) intrusion of employment, and my youngsters’ new found enjoyment of computer games. One answer is to do what fathers have done for millions of years – get up early. We’ve always risen before the chilluns to stoke the fire, skin the mammoth, and write the blog. Another (more obvious) answer is get another computer! I will take both under advisement.

So here it is Sunday, and Music Fridays has passed by without even a nod to Dave Brubeck and his passing on to the great gig in the sky this week. This is slap dash, but here are a couple of vids in homage. I recently heard a Christmas composition by Brubeck on the classical station. Yes, the Jazz master is an adept composer and has added to the library of classical music. And of course I have to post Take Five, the genius of which is that it crossed genre boundaries – even folks who don’t like Jazz have always nodded their heads to Take Five (which, admittedly, was not written by Brubeck, but by Paul Desmond, a member of his Quartet).


One Response to “Whither the Blog, Part II”

  1. Mark Leisher said

    My favorite Brubeck album is Dave Digs Disney! Doesn’t get near enough exposure in my opinion.

    Good to see you dragging your tired, aching self out of bed at such an impossible hour to pepper the “series of tubes” (a.k.a. the Internet) with your ideas!

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