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Updating a Couple of Past Posts

Posted by middlerage on December 20, 2012

I recently complained about the difficulty in getting good information about charities, in a post highlighting The Wounded Warrior project, and the Guidestar.org charity rater. Yesterday, I listened to an NPR piece about one particular “movement” by a British Professor of Ethics; he advocates giving a certain percentage of your annual salary (I’m not gonna get into the percentage, because it is large, and not the point of my post) and, more importantly, he gives a cogent reason why it should be to a third world country (rather than your Appalachian neighbor). I’m not gonna argue if he is right… YMWV… but it is interesting food for thought.

The reason I am posting about this is – in light of my previous complaint about getting good info to separate the wheat from the chaff of inefficient donation/value-of-deeds – the good professor hasĀ  researched international charities and recommends three very efficient ones. His measuring stick is “quality of lives improved” and, as such, it is health-oriented charities that he finds do the most good. Specifically fighting tropical diseases, e.g. malaria.

Here is a link to the perfesser’s three recommendations for charitable giving: Recommended Charities

And here’s a link to the NPR article: How Much Good Can You Do? There’s A Calculator For That

(BTW, please go look at the comments from the original post for some damn good insight. esp from Switbo and Jerry)


Secondly… A long long time ago I wrote about a biography, I was reading, about Alan Turing, genius mathematician. First he helped break codes and win the war against the Nazis. Then he was hounded to suicide (suspected) for being homosexual. Now some famous Brits, including world-renowned Physicist Stephen J Hawking, want Turing exonerated posthumously. I hope it works. See article here: Stephen Hawking Calls for Alan Turing’s Pardon


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