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Secret Ingredient Midwest Guacamole

Posted by middlerage on January 3, 2013

So authentic guacamole, (and, really, the best guacamole), is a super fresh combo of avocados, tomatoes, chile*, onions, lemon juice and maybe assorted other garden delights. But sometimes, the americanized, white-bread, green-pasty version can have its moments, or hit just the right spot. Especially in sandwiches. This version usually consists of little more than ultra pureed avocados with some salt and maybe some garlic powder.

I call it Midwest, because that seems to evoke the spirit of bland Americana. One of my thesis advisors used to tell the story of asking for pepper at his MidWestern in-laws house during holiday dinner; they had to turn the house upside down just to find an old picnic shaker of pepper. The poor midwest – they get held up as the poster-boy of white-bread bland, but to be fair, if I had to get up at 5am to work a corn farm I wouldn’t want anything else than what they’d throw on the breakfast table.

So what’s my secret ingredient for MidWest guac? – Powdered buttermilk.

To the basic foundation of avocados, salt, garlic, add some buttermilk powder for a phenomenal and tangy zing. I promise, you’ll wow the other church ladies.

You  can find powdered buttermilk in the baking aisle, and it is often called for in bread recipes and the like. Not only is Secret Ingredient MidWest Guacamole good on a chip, but it makes a great spread for enhancing lunchmeat sandwiches.

So enjoy, and remember – avocados are a super food, full of healthy mono-unsaturated fats, as well as other super nutrients. And don’t forget to make a chunky bowl of authentic guac often, too.

*Your esteemed blogger originally hails from New Mexico, where the food staple is chile and the state question is “Red or Green” (as in, “what kind of chile sauce do you want drenched over your authentic New Mexican cuisine?”). In NM, “chile” is both the singular and plural term (ala’ one fish, two fish) for what less elegant regions (i.e. everywhere else) call “the chile pepper” or “chile peppers” (plural) or more clumsily the “chili pepper” or “chilli pepper” or horrifically “chillis”.


5 Responses to “Secret Ingredient Midwest Guacamole”

  1. Dahveed said

    You can imagine where I fall on the NM vs midwest guacamole debate. But I have a more pertinent question: How did you discover the embiggening powers of powdered buttermilk for guacamole? Was it a Butterfinger-like fortunate accident? Were you grabbing random ingredients from the very back of your pantry? Did some sage housewife in a moo-moo dress and fuzzy slippers clue you in? This seems like a lower impact version of the origin story behind the successful preparation of blowfish for human consumption…

    • middlerage said


    • middlerage said

      All I can say is I am Jackson Pollack in the kitchen: I wing it with abandon, and try anything, when rooting through the pantry. The lovely one never lets me forget the time I mixed alphabet soup with spaghetti sauce – it was truly yuck, but I was surprised… they are both tomatoey and pasta-y?!?!?

      • Dahveed said

        That was the answer I was hoping for from the guy who went straight for the roe, uni, and tako when we used to go out for sushi. The Mike Leach of culinary arts!

  2. Mark Leisher said

    Very cool discovery! I’ll try it next time. I might even see if I can get the kids to try alphabet soup and pasta sauce.

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