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Oh. My. God. The Gastronomy Version

Posted by middlerage on January 4, 2013

For some unfathomable reason, it seems two of my fellow bloggers – Harlean Carpenter, and the Muddled Rambler – felt I was deserving of having a surprise package of awesomeness appear on my doorstep today.

After an initial, “Huh? What’s this?” I sliced off the tape to reveal not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE holiday goodies of the homemade variety.

mmmmmrfff.snrffle.chomp.chomp.mgggmmm     smack!

Anyhoo… Jesus is the reason for the season, but JESUS, this stuff is good. Two of the five are chocolate candies good enough to be “store-bought.” (In today’s age everything is all about the ‘home-style goodness’, ‘just like mom used to make’, but remember when ‘store bought’ was the bees knees? – okay, maybe it’s an Appalachian thing, anyway… ) The casing, texture, solidity, firmness and uniformity are amazing. Who made this candy??? Harlean, that’s who.


Geez, buy a girl a new kitchen and she’ll go to town. It’s a wonder the Muddled Rambler doesn’t weigh 400lbs. There’s also eggnog cookies that taste JUST LIKE eggnog, and have the most amazing inner delicacy wrapped in the thinnest crispiness, it’s practically Japanese in their execution.

Meticulously packed next to the eggnog crisps are the richest, smoothest gingerbread cookies, dipped in cream cheese icing. AMAZING.

slaver.slaver.mmmmmm.ggggggg.chomp.chomp   slurp!

If this is how the new year is going to begin, man it’s my lucky year! Thumbs up from the whole family.

Completely unexpected. Wish you were here to share.

File under I Know People!

and cookies!

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