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All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Posted by middlerage on January 20, 2013

Tea Time has been hit by the double whammy of a nasty head cold, and a sudden pickup in work at his new job. Thus, the blog has been quiet lately.

It’s the realization of one of my lifelong fears – to get sick during the first days of a new job and have neither the personal capital nor the earned sick time to take time off and convalesce. My super-secret hope is that I infect the whole office, so that the obtuse – and very American – approach to worker welfare gets its comeuppance. I once had a job where I earned leave. No modifiers. I didn’t earn sick leave and vacation leave, I just earned leave. So when I was sick I had to use it and when I was going camping I had to use it. I made a point to come into work sneezing and coughing – to dirty looks from my coworkers – just to make a point that this was stupid. Call me passive aggressive, and while you’re at it, change your stupid, filthy leave rules.

Hopefully I’m on the mend, and can get back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

vive le European Union and their mandatory 6 weeks paid vacations!


One Response to “All Quiet On The Eastern Front”

  1. fatman said

    right arm!!!!
    I love to go work sick cause Im left alone

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