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Another Words That Bug Me

Posted by middlerage on January 21, 2013

I recently had fun whining about words I find obnoxious in a post titled Words That Bug Me. I’ve remembered another that drives me insane: court martial. Okay, that’s two words, but still…

This is English, not some namby pamby romance language. Our modifiers come first. For fuck’s sake, just say Martial Court, or even better Military Court. I was reminded of my distaste for this word combo whilst recently reading a news article in which a person stumbled over the plural of the phrase; referring to a set of court martials. Ahem, it’s courts martial. You wouldn’t say T-shirt larges. And we wouldn’t stumble over the silly phrase if we just stuck to our normal and called ’em martial courts.

That is all.


One Response to “Another Words That Bug Me

  1. fatman said

    translation from french ?

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