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The Muddled Rambler Slaps it into the Goal

Posted by middlerage on January 21, 2013

Over at Muddled Ramblings & Half Baked Ideas, the muddlerambler has a spot on take down of publicly funded stadia: Publicly Funded Stadiums and Labor Stoppages.

Read the whole thing, but here is a gisty taste:

So here’s my humble suggestion. Every publicly-funded sports facility that enriches a privately-owned team, must come with a caveat. If the team doesn’t play, the owners are on the hook for the loss of local revenue. If the politicians selling the stadium brag, “One hundred thousand into the economy every game!” then if the team doesn’t play the game, the owner is on the hook for the $100K. I’ll build you the stadium, but I’m not taking the hit if you decide not to play. [emphasis mine]


To which I would – er, not in addition, but in conjunction – like to say, it gripes my populist ass no end that many university stadiums now have suites for corporate sponsors. So you, as a citizen and a tax payer, can go to your state university stadium, and find yourself excluded from certain posh seats by the very government our Founding Fathers invented to eliminate royalty.


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