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The Muddled Rambler Slaps it into the Goal

Posted by middlerage on January 21, 2013

Over at Muddled Ramblings & Half Baked Ideas, the muddlerambler has a spot on take down of publicly funded stadia: Publicly Funded Stadiums and Labor Stoppages.

Read the whole thing, but here is a gisty taste:

So here’s my humble suggestion. Every publicly-funded sports facility that enriches a privately-owned team, must come with a caveat. If the team doesn’t play, the owners are on the hook for the loss of local revenue. If the politicians selling the stadium brag, “One hundred thousand into the economy every game!” then if the team doesn’t play the game, the owner is on the hook for the $100K. I’ll build you the stadium, but I’m not taking the hit if you decide not to play. [emphasis mine]


To which I would – er, not in addition, but in conjunction – like to say, it gripes my populist ass no end that many university stadiums now have suites for corporate sponsors. So you, as a citizen and a tax payer, can go to your state university stadium, and find yourself excluded from certain posh seats by the very government our Founding Fathers invented to eliminate royalty.

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All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Posted by middlerage on January 20, 2013

Tea Time has been hit by the double whammy of a nasty head cold, and a sudden pickup in work at his new job. Thus, the blog has been quiet lately.

It’s the realization of one of my lifelong fears – to get sick during the first days of a new job and have neither the personal capital nor the earned sick time to take time off and convalesce. My super-secret hope is that I infect the whole office, so that the obtuse – and very American – approach to worker welfare gets its comeuppance. I once had a job where I earned leave. No modifiers. I didn’t earn sick leave and vacation leave, I just earned leave. So when I was sick I had to use it and when I was going camping I had to use it. I made a point to come into work sneezing and coughing – to dirty looks from my coworkers – just to make a point that this was stupid. Call me passive aggressive, and while you’re at it, change your stupid, filthy leave rules.

Hopefully I’m on the mend, and can get back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

vive le European Union and their mandatory 6 weeks paid vacations!

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Oh.My.God.II – The Gangnam Version

Posted by middlerage on January 9, 2013

So I hope faithful readers stay abreast of the blog’s tagline (aka subtitle). Sometime ago it was an homage to Gangnam Style sweeping the nat…errr…the world. It’s since cycled two more iterations and currently resides on a funny phrase my buddy Fatman said.

Anyway, le blogue is no stranger to gangnam style, and I have to say, that today, middlerage succumbed to it. No, no, not that [insert video of people dancing that crazy step]. Rather, the actual meaning of the song – which is that, in the Gangnam suburb of Seoul it is so important to be stylish, folks (read young women) will starve themselves just so they can be seen drinking overpriced coffee in a Starbucks. It’s a Korean thing. (though I suppose 60s era songs from the Rolling Stones about Soho and St. John’s Wood might be a forerunner…)

Well. Today I am doing something for my new job that involves traveling and wearing a suit. Which I’m really not used to. I have limited funds to eat, but as I passed the hotel shoe shine booth I went all gangnam style and decided to spend lunch money on a shoe shine. These poor shoes have never been shined in their (long) life, and mostly sit in a dusty closet waiting for the occasional wedding to go to.

Oh. My. God. Who knew getting your shoes shined could be so relaxing and invigorating? All that attention and polishing and cleaning, it was like a haircut and a massage all rolled into one. You know, like those good old-fashioned barbers that use the hot shave cream on the back of your neck. Awesome. No wonder wimin go get their hair styled so much. It’s the pampering, and unexpectedly, a shoe shine is pampering. All that hard work transmits through the shoe leather to give your feet a massage, and you just drift away watching people and being grateful your shoes are sooo bad they need an extra long shine (I tipped well).

So put on a pair of dress shoes and take a chance on a shoe shine. Your eyes will roll back in your head and the drool from your lax mouth will trace a message of thank you on your chest.

File under possum and gangnam.

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