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Posters! or, Science is Hell.

Posted by middlerage on February 7, 2013

Or rather, Applied Science is hell.

What I mean is, Middlerage is back at academia with his new job, and as he wanders the halls of science he sees many many research posters. Poster by faculty, posters by students, posters by faculty/student collaborations, posters by preternaturally intelligent cats. And all of these posters are addressing problems you and I care about: cybersecurity, election fraud, beehive collapse, climate change, et cetera. There’s just so much good intention in universities. I hope some of it makes its way to the real world.

I guess what I’m saying is,¬†university science is all good intentions, and

The road to hell is paved with university science (posters).


2 Responses to “Posters! or, Science is Hell.”

  1. Mark Leisher said

    No kidding! Not only that, but you will soon notice that mathematical conferences tend to have violent acronyms, like SLAM and RAGE (there are more, I just can’t remember them at the moment). One faculty member explained to me (facetiously, I think) that catchy acronyms really pep up math’s image.

    Disclaimer: I work in a math department at a university. This is just the tip of a really weird iceberg.

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