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Music Fridays (ahem… Saturdays?) – Wimins History Month

Posted by middlerage on March 9, 2013

Niuew and Dahveed really did an outstanding job contributing to the Showpieces thread. Along that vein I thought I’d contribute a “hornist”, classical, the only one I really know – Alison Balsom – whom I discovered when her CD came as a premium gift for contributing to public radio. Then I thought, what the heck, it’s March, let’s feature a few awesome women. I decided to throw in blog fave Barbara Dennerleim, and her left foot bass line. In the video below she is paired with Rhoda Scott, who (I think) is the daughter of famous organist Shirley Scott. (wrong, no relation). Two women tearing it up.

Veering away from the classical, I have to give a shout out too Chrissie Hind of the Pretenders, because it must be said, she is NOT the singer of the group. She is the founder and leader. Through several lineup changes, over the years, Hind is the one constant. Now I’m scratching my head trying to think of other women who are not just band members but leaders. I look forward to my awesome bloggies and their response.


6 Responses to “Music Fridays (ahem… Saturdays?) – Wimins History Month”

  1. “Okay,” (he says, cracking his virtual knuckles).

    There’s classical trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth. Yes, that’s her name.

    That one was with an all-female symphony, appropriate to your post title, but I prefer this version of the same song with a jazz trio:

    Here’s one that’s a little more esoteric. Liesl Whittaker plays lead trumpet in the Army Blues big band. This is a big deal, even if she isn’t out front soloing:

    • middlerage said

      Awesome. I really enjoyed those. But why on earth is malguena a christmas tune? Maybe need to have a music friday devoted to innappropriately named songs.

      • The Kenton band did a Christmas album with the “mellophonium band” (a big band with those crazy-ass marching french horns replacing the saxophones). I assume the Army Blues band played a Christmas concert of all those arrangements… but what do you play for an encore? Well, another arrangement for the mellophonium band, even if it isn’t a Christmas tune. And “Maleguena” is a great closer, if your trumpet section can pull it off at the end of a performance.

  2. Dahveed said

    My contribution to naming female leaders of bands: Grace Potter, Alison Krauss, Me’Shell NdegéOcello, Norah Jones, Kim and Kelley Deal, Susan Tedeschi.

  3. Anonynurse said

    Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

  4. Mark Leisher said

    Some great new (to me) stuff here. Love Tine Thing Helseth!

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