Tea Time With Jesse

Six of One, Half Dozen the Other

The Tragedy of Snow

Posted by middlerage on March 25, 2013

The snowy, blustery Spring that has battered the states this year has me musing about the bright line that snow represents to our lives. On one side is wonderful, crazy childhood, where snow, deep snow, lots of snow, represents fun and days off from school, and sledding, and snowballs, and snow forts. On the other side is adulthood, where we gaze with anxiety at the forecast, knowing our unsympathetic bosses will want us to trek to work anyway. We have to worry about sudden daycare, and whether the car will make it, and if some loser will slide into us. How is it that the same kids who grew up playing in snow can be the same company administrators who tell us to get to work? Snow is that genetic marker for carefree child that gets replaced by the un-remembering asshole. Snow is the big switcharoo. Snow is that op-art twister – the drawing of a beautiful young girl? Or an old hag?


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