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A Programming Note – Yes I’ve been quiet

Posted by middlerage on April 27, 2013

So the possum is never happy. First he didn’t have a job. Now he has a job… that he doesn’t like. It’s been incredibly busy, and stressful, and my boss is…(ahem). So I come home, beat and uncreative, and thus le blogue has been quiet lately.

Not sure what to do, except beg my readers not to abandon me. I am uncomfortably aware of other blogs that have begun the death spiral with just those same thoughts – Sorry I’ve been quiet lately, but I’m really coming back with bells on! And then `>poof<< they’re just an abandoned last post forever occupying server space.

And I’m uncomfortably aware my fellow bloggers muddled and dahveed manage to be busy and produce blogs. Which is why I admire ALL of my friends and regularly gush. I also see my buddy Annie aka coolest-gal-geophysics not takin no shit from bosses. I need some of what she got.

Well, I’ve gotta figure out a path to the saddle. I have more things to say. There’s a particularly interesting Mother Jones article I intend to share… soon.

So stay tuned! really.

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Music Fridays – Tuba Can’t Be Cool, Can It? Yes, yes it can.

Posted by middlerage on April 12, 2013

I heard this song on a local funk show and was immediately taken. It of course goes out to all my readers, but with an extra special helping of dedication to Dahveed and Nieuw.

The band is the Soul Rebels, and I 95% luv this jam, with my 5% reservation owing to the overly brassy, shrill sound of the horns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big lover of brass jazz, but it sometimes devolves to a tinny sound (e.g. Dixieland) that just grates on me. Which is why I showcase only this one song from this band. The Rebels have other songs on the ‘net, but they suffer from the quonk, and don’t have the charm of this recognizable cover.

Question for the musicians… is the bouncing ball, back-and-forth trading of beats, what is known as syncopation? If not, then what is this (and for that matter, what is syncopation)?

(And, oh yes, Tea Time loves the 80s…)

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North Korean Backdoor

Posted by middlerage on April 6, 2013

Sounds like a bizarre sex technique.

Anyhoo… With all this bluster about North Korean threats, and them moving a couple of ballistic missiles to their east coast, I wonder about sleight of hand. While we’re busy watching their missiles and armed forces, what’s to prevent a lone DPRK operative from slipping into the US with a suitcase bomb?

Islamist terrorists have proved the concept. Ironically (in two ways) what might be preventing this scenario is North Koreans lack of worldliness. The first irony is that  Islamists decried our worldly worldliness, but their worldly connections – knowing how to move around, transfer money, operate in the western culture – allowed them to slyly carry out their terrorism. Irony number two is that North Koreans have no such knowledge or network. There is no “Little Pyongyang” in Cleveland to slip into, get local support, and transfer money. I envision an operative arriving on our shores, dropping his jaw to the floor, ditching the suitcase, and gleefully getting a job at McDonalds. (Sheesh, that statement is frighteningly Fox-NEWS-worthy. My apologies).

Well, never underestimate the committed. An operative probably could be so gung-ho, s/he would carry out the mission despite the distractions.

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