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A Programming Note – Yes I’ve been quiet

Posted by middlerage on April 27, 2013

So the possum is never happy. First he didn’t have a job. Now he has a job… that he doesn’t like. It’s been incredibly busy, and stressful, and my boss is…(ahem). So I come home, beat and uncreative, and thus le blogue has been quiet lately.

Not sure what to do, except beg my readers not to abandon me. I am uncomfortably aware of other blogs that have begun the death spiral with just those same thoughts – Sorry I’ve been quiet lately, but I’m really coming back with bells on! And then `>poof<< they’re just an abandoned last post forever occupying server space.

And I’m uncomfortably aware my fellow bloggers muddled and dahveed manage to be busy and produce blogs. Which is why I admire ALL of my friends and regularly gush. I also see my buddy Annie aka coolest-gal-geophysics not takin no shit from bosses. I need some of what she got.

Well, I’ve gotta figure out a path to the saddle. I have more things to say. There’s a particularly interesting Mother Jones article I intend to share… soon.

So stay tuned! really.


4 Responses to “A Programming Note – Yes I’ve been quiet”

  1. Jerry said

    Hang in there, bud!

    While I’ve managed to keep blogging, I’ve noticed that the creative posts have dried up alarmingly. Hasn’t really been one for a while. So, I’m also trying to figure out how to get out of “have beers once a week and stockpile rants about things that annoy me” mode. But it’s better than not blogging at all I suppose (better for me, anyway). Maybe you could try your own variation of beer-blogging Thursdays.

  2. Dahveed said

    Hang in there buddy. There are moments, where I have amazing clarity and contentedness. They don’t last long, but they leave a hell of an impression. These usually involve my family and they certainly never have anything to do with work. I’ve given up on work as being much of a contributor to positive happiness, except that without income things would certainly go negative in a big hurry.

  3. Mark Leisher said

    Don’t worry. It’s cyclical. Fertile fields should left fallow on occasion to give the soil a rest for the next crop to drop.

  4. Mark C said

    Mother Jones?!? I suppose that next your going to tell us that global warming didn’t stop in 2001.

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