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Music Fridays – Happy Mothers Day

Posted by middlerage on May 10, 2013

Now, is it Mother’s Day, or Mothers Day, or Mothers’ Day? I dunno. What I do know is that I’ve been sitting on a couple (*not really. Keep readin) of cool songs, for months, for just this occasion. It’s how I roll. All in honor of delivering the best high end product for my readers.

Okay I have to be honest here and confess that the Donald Byrd piece below is to cover up an embarrassing mistake. Months ago I heard a cool song and wrote down the title as “Theme for Ma.” Poifect sez I, I’ll keeps it for my Muddahs Day special. However, it seems like – as best as sundry internet searches can tell – Donald Byrd wrote a song called “Theme for Malcolm,” not “Theme for Ma.” Oops. But I did, last minute, find a different Donald Byrd song about mother – brooding, epic, sorta-spaghetti-western sounding. It’s probably an homage to Mother Africa. Anyway, I like it, and the stomping Milburn piece I have first.

But let’s face it, Danzig’s “Mother” (below) is not an ode but a warning. The Cult song, previous,  is environmental, and Amos Milburn is tattle-telling. Nothing here is overly warm and apple pie.

It wasn’t my intent to be anti-mother, and truly I love mothers. So enjoy these songs for what they are, but get your mom something more loving. Like tickets to the Vagina Monologues or Carol Burnett.


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