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Clean Slate Part II

Posted by middlerage on June 8, 2013

Thanks to Facebook, I see reader Mark L. backs me up:

“This [linked below] is a reasonably non-hysterical assessment of the government data suction hose uproar currently underway.

And just to help drive the point home, the idea that if we aren’t doing anything wrong, there is no need to worry is not what’s i…mportant here. What’s important is the potential for abuse by employees of our government. If it the data are available, they will be abused. It isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

And finally, I would like to remind everyone that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been doing variations of this sort of thing for a long, long time. We just hear about it a lot more often because our government is so full of leaks, almost nothing can be kept secret any more.”

Yesterday in The Soviet Surveillance States of America we began connecting some of the dots associated with the new disclosures of the U.S. federal government’s collection of telephone and Internet data.

While caprox (Mark C.) closes with this bon mot:

#NSACalledToTellMe that after 5 trial memberships on eHarmony I probably should just give up.

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Music Fridays – Keep Your Eyes on this One

Posted by middlerage on June 6, 2013

Sometimes I just curl up with laptop and explore music like I’m drifting with a current. You just never know what you’ll stumble upon. (If imagery combining oceans and stumbling is allowable…)

So I drift-stumbled by this impossibly young artist who is refreshingly unburdened by much internet baggage (as indicated by this very uninformative website). She’s not in wikipedia, nor Allmusic, and googling her name turns up very little.

But what a voice! Second only to an incredible sense of phrasing – worthy of a much older and experienced chanteuse. Keep an eye on this one, me feels a star is being born.

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A Clean Slate

Posted by middlerage on June 6, 2013

April 1, 2065 A.D. …

Doctur Evil Genius swept in to what was left of the Oval Office and grabbed the pike with the President’s head from his minion. He gazed with satisfaction out the jagged holes of the White House, and observed his evil army herding civilians into filthy tractor-trailers. His plan to conquer America was now complete. He turned to his executive officer and said, “Mortimer, go through the ENTIRE collection of archives¬† and records at the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI. Erase it, burn it, shred it, DESTROY it all, Bwahahaha. Everyone gets to start with a CLEAN SLATE!” he thumped what was left of the President’s desk. “I may be eeeeevil, but I’m not that evil! I don’t need to scour through the past records of my citizens!” Then he chucked the head into a corner and grandly marched out to his awaiting armored luxury hovercraft.

And that fantasy scenario is why middlerage doesn’t want Verizon collecting my phone records. Even if it is “just meta data.”

File under Privacy, and Politicks.

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