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Music Fridays – Keep Your Eyes on this One

Posted by middlerage on June 6, 2013

Sometimes I just curl up with laptop and explore music like I’m drifting with a current. You just never know what you’ll stumble upon. (If imagery combining oceans and stumbling is allowable…)

So I drift-stumbled by this impossibly young artist who is refreshingly unburdened by much internet baggage (as indicated by this very uninformative website). She’s not in wikipedia, nor Allmusic, and googling her name turns up very little.

But what a voice! Second only to an incredible sense of phrasing – worthy of a much older and experienced chanteuse. Keep an eye on this one, me feels a star is being born.


2 Responses to “Music Fridays – Keep Your Eyes on this One”

  1. Jerry said

    Many thoughts, though I have only listened to watchtower. First, a singer doesn’t have to be a songwriter. These days we expect our recording artists to write their own material, and I think that’s a disservice to talented singers who are not also poets. So to take Jimi’s song and totally kick ass with it is way bueno. There are plenty of sweet-voiced young singers who crash and burn because all their songs sound like they were written by a seventeen-year-old in heat. That sells well to fourteen-year-olds, who spend a lot of money on music, but there’s more out there.

    Country music has professional songwriters, and back in the day pop music did too. If memory is not doing me a disservice, Neil Sedatka wrote an insane number of pop hits before he began to perform himself.

    Think of the songs lost because the poet was not a performer.

    On the other hand, the very first Rolling Stones albums were all covers, and honestly, they weren’t that good. Those guys needed to bust out and do their own thing.

    But if you’re going to interpret someone else’s song, make it yours. If you warble like a breathy songbird, if you work well with just your voice and the guitar you’re holding, then take what it means to be you and shine a light on the words from a different angle.

    So, yeah, thanks for this.

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