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Music Fridays – Charles Bradley

Posted by middlerage on July 12, 2013

This week’s featured artist has a little bit of something for everyone: Classic Soul/R&B for me; keyboard for Dahveed; a hornline for Nieuw; and, well, anonynurse, Fatman and muddled have all been to Austin, so I hope that counts (videos below are from Austin’s SXSW festival).

There’s two kinds of people who love obscure R&B – African Americans and the British. Wait, what? The British? I dunno what it is but I’ve seen so many quirky British movies that have some really awesome American Soul inserted into their soundtracks, and that is exactly where I discovered this guy (in a forgettable film called Offender).

Charles Bradley (<- check out the awesome photo in the link) sounds like a long lost mixture between Otis Redding and James Brown who must be some relative unknown with a couple of minor chart hits in 1969. But nope – he’s a recent discovery, doing his thing here and now  in the twenty-first century. He may be transporting us back in time but he’s doing it from 2013.

Three vids from a live show plus one music video with better sound production because I think the band sounds better in it…


3 Responses to “Music Fridays – Charles Bradley”

  1. Mark Leisher said

    Love him! Thanks!

  2. Dahveed said

    That first tune wasn’t doing much for me, ’til Charles started singing. Wow. Dude has pipes that’s for sure. He deserves a tighter band though, frankly. And a Hammond organ. 😉 I wonder if that was a pick-up band from Austin ’cause the studio video had a lot tighter playing.

  3. Hey, I played Austin, at the 18th Annual International Folk Alliance! I was the guy playing trumpet. (And in the unlikely case that doesn’t uniquely identify me, I was the guy who played Bb, D, and piccolo trumpets. Badly. But that should be enough for a positive ID.)

    Thanks for opening my ears — as Dahveed says, Bradley has pipes. And I feel for the trumpet player. I likely couldn’t do better, but I’d probably be too chicken to put myself in that position. Unless it was the Austin Folk Alliance.

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