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The Importance of Signs

Posted by middlerage on September 24, 2013

Or more accurately, the importance of the precision of signs.

My state is so lame. They recently installed giant electronic sign boards along the freeway. Signs to tell you about accidents or delays. They also tell you about Amber and Silver alerts. Except all they tell you is:

Amber Alert. Dial 511 for info.

Screw that. Whose gonna do that? In the middle of a commute? Instead try, oh I dunno…

Amber Alert. 5 yr old grl. Bld hr Brn eyes. Last seen in green chevy. Dial 511 for more info


What really inspired my thoughts about the importance of signs, was thinking – what if you were driving by the NSA, and you felt you wanted to flip them the bird for spying on citizens? The ‘bird’ isn’t just a raised middle finger. It’s the back of the raised middle finger. You can’t give them this:



2 Responses to “The Importance of Signs”

  1. Jerry said

    Amber Alert: Use your phone illegally for more information.

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