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Posted by middlerage on October 24, 2013

I found myself behind one of these today: auroraAn Oldsmobile Aurora. It just struck me – “Wow, Oldsmobile no longer exists.” Okay it was only recently, that GM had to give up Olds and Saturn and Hummer, but when you live through dynamic times you start to feel old. And we are living through dynamic times.

I remember my Dad speaking fondly of Cords and Nashs and Studebakers. Don’t misunderstand me, I will never speak fondly of late model Oldsmobiles (or Hummers). There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the bland lozenge in the above picture. But it still is weird to think of the icons you witness the demise of.  I bet (know) many of my readers remember this:montgomery wardAgain, no great loss, (the world is hardly worse off) but still weird to think about.

A couple of streets over a dude is trying to sell one of these:capri

A podunk and miserable example of the autotripe we lived through in the 1970s. And yet, whenever I pass it I smile fondly. It really looks rather handsome now – now that there is nothing like it anymore. My Cord. It reminds me of younger days.

Ahhhh nostalgia.

Time marches on. Someday, that Aurora will seem just as attractive to me.

Someday, my kids will be grown and fondly describing this to their kids (while also trying to explain what gasoline was):


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Credit Where Due

Posted by middlerage on October 17, 2013

With America’s deepening gulf of wealth inequality I find myself descending into class hatred. In an effort to stay sane I need to recognize when the evildoers do good things. One thing that bugs the shit out of me is when “philanthropy” funds things like art museums or concert halls, while poor people continue to walk along roads with no sidewalks or get hit by cars crossing major avenues to get to the mall.

So I really am very impressed by the Houston billionaire couple who chipped in to Head Start during the government shut down. There is no tangible “thing” that will result from their charity that they can look on forever. There will be no glossy concert hall lobby where they can mingle with fellow billionaires under the plaque that says their name. Just some poor kids who will get a full belly and learn their ABCs five days a week.


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Multiple Organ Failure

Posted by middlerage on October 7, 2013

I’ve never won a lottery, but then again maybe I have. I had been half heartedly thinking about buying a new Apple computer from my good friend muddledrambler, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger. The 2005 (pre-intel-chip) iMac has been chugging along nicely if slowly, but today it has gone to a blue screen, not-gonna-let=me-log-in, blank stare. It’s not as if technology ever slowly winds down, letting you grow comfortable with the idea of replacing it – rather it just stops; suddenly; inconveniently; like a brick wall. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Last week the stereo (receiver) I bought circa 1989 stopped playing music. It turns on in the same way the iMac is turning on, but there is no life, no music; it just sits there, dead and sucking electricity. Like a zombie.

There is a daily puddle of water by the refrigerator – over by the freezer side – like an aged and incontinent dog. I’m not sure if it is a malfunctioning defrost cycle or something worse. But I hate the thing (it came with the house), and have been lusting after a moderne, francaise armoire style fridge anyway.

Not to mention the boat-anchor-but-used-to-be-a-plasma-TV the youngest threw a rock into three years ago. Yes we’ve never replaced it.

All these things lasted thru the long night of unemployment.Like I said – maybe I won the lottery. Now, in one week they are kaput. But I am working, and have credit. (Hah! to the quaint, greatest-generation-lived-thru-the-depression idea of saving up).

I guess I need to get around to stoking the economic engine with some pretty effin’ major purchases. But did they have to go all at once? File under wtf!

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