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Multiple Organ Failure

Posted by middlerage on October 7, 2013

I’ve never won a lottery, but then again maybe I have. I had been half heartedly thinking about buying a new Apple computer from my good friend muddledrambler, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger. The 2005 (pre-intel-chip) iMac has been chugging along nicely if slowly, but today it has gone to a blue screen, not-gonna-let=me-log-in, blank stare. It’s not as if technology ever slowly winds down, letting you grow comfortable with the idea of replacing it – rather it just stops; suddenly; inconveniently; like a brick wall. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Last week the stereo (receiver) I bought circa 1989 stopped playing music. It turns on in the same way the iMac is turning on, but there is no life, no music; it just sits there, dead and sucking electricity. Like a zombie.

There is a daily puddle of water by the refrigerator – over by the freezer side – like an aged and incontinent dog. I’m not sure if it is a malfunctioning defrost cycle or something worse. But I hate the thing (it came with the house), and have been lusting after a moderne, francaise armoire style fridge anyway.

Not to mention the boat-anchor-but-used-to-be-a-plasma-TV the youngest threw a rock into three years ago. Yes we’ve never replaced it.

All these things lasted thru the long night of unemployment.Like I said – maybe I won the lottery. Now, in one week they are kaput. But I am working, and have credit. (Hah! to the quaint, greatest-generation-lived-thru-the-depression idea of saving up).

I guess I need to get around to stoking the economic engine with some pretty effin’ major purchases. But did they have to go all at once? File under wtf!


7 Responses to “Multiple Organ Failure”

  1. Dan Valdez said

    Look at it as your electrical pulse is getting stronger with age

  2. Mark Leisher said

    You didn’t get the memo? It was your turn. I took my hit last month.

  3. I feel your pain. In the last month we’ve suffered barn failure (a 200-foot douglas fir fell on said barn), well failure (our shallow well ran dry, following a record-setting dry Spring), and shower-valve failure. Well, the leaky shower valves may seemed like small potatoes compared to the other stuff, but when you’re paying to have water trucked in to fill your storage tank leaky shower valves can keep you awake at night.

    But there’s a lottery angle here too. There’s insurance money involved in the smashed barn…

    • middlerage said

      I humbly defer to your much worse organ failure. I still think you should hack a walking path down the length of the fir and make a “land bridge.”

    • Jerry said

      I’ve had three automotive organ failures in the last two months, but two were self-inflicted. Makes me feel less like the world is out to get me and more like I’m and idiot.

  4. Dahveed said

    Hey, I remember that receiver! I listened to many a fine tune through it. The receiver is dead! Long live the receiver!

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