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Music Fridays – Crazy Shit

Posted by middlerage on November 22, 2013

If you ever wonder if you’re being tracked on the internet… some Facebook friend posted a video of a champion yodeler from Bavaria. After I watched it, I started getting yodel “suggestions” everytime I visited YouTube. Hmmmm.

So I have to inflict these videos on you, just ’cause. They say Americans are too “smiley” and enthusiastic. But, like, oh my god, the yodeling family in the first video – grinnin’ like a toothpaste commercial at a fourth of July parade! I dub them honorary ‘mericans.

The second video defies explanation. I’ll just say I don’t (necessarily) endorse ANY of it. File under wtf. And Bavarians!

[Update: Just realized this is my 500th post. I may be slowing but I ain’t stopped yet. ]

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A Favorite Tree – the Tulip Tree

Posted by middlerage on November 19, 2013

So I went onto the web to find photos of a favorite tree I want to discuss in this post, and all of the images run contrary to why this is one of my favs. Images I found of the Tulip Tree, aka Yellow Poplar (though it is unrelated to true poplars), all show a fairly nondescript tree, with a trunk, leaves, and unremarkable “crown” of tree-ish shape.

Oh, but it ain’t so.

When I’m hiking in the eastern woods, where this tree is native, the Tulip tree stands out among the usual bulging, twisting, arching, craggy, knobby sylviforms. It is always standing ramrod straight, slender yet massive, soaring to the sky, one of the tallest trees in the forest. It is eerie and preternatural how smooth and straight and impossibly tall this tree is. It seems like a something out of Tolkien’s mind, the flawlessness only highlighted by the crooked oaks, hickories, paw paws, birches, and sweet gums surrounding it.  Find an old one, and it is as massive and straight as a column of the acropolis.

For my money, it is called a tulip tree for the unique shape  of its leaves, but I don’t remember where I heard that, and I can’t defend it. This Wikipedia article claims the name is because of the flowers, but here is a nice picture to let you decide for yourself:



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The Technologyship of Eddie’s Father – a threefer

Posted by middlerage on November 15, 2013

1) Yikes, this is really scary. I use automatic backups but apparently all they would do is automatically backup encrypted files.

Nasty new malware locks your files forever, unless you pay ransom

2) This bums me out:

Witness intimidation on social media: Law enforcement’s growing challenge

3) I have some elderly relatives who just got their first computer and email. Do you remember way back in the early 1990s when we all would pass along funny (and/or political) mass emails to our friends. Before there was blogging or Facebook or videos there was “Scroll down for AMAZING photo of veteran aiding little girl!” Well, now I’m getting it all over again from the rels. It’s annoying. I can’t spam them, because in the off chance cousin Judith is in a car wreck, I wanna know. In the meantime I get a buttload of forwarded, conservative rants only your drunk uncle Henry would appreciate. At the same time I feel guilty. I was there, once – albeit 20 years ago – shouldn’t they get a chance too?

It also makes me paranoid about how technologically annoying I am. I have friends who want to text me. Or email me on my smart phone.   (Actually, I can’t be that annoying because they blissfully text away unaware I have no idea they picked a different restaurant. Why doesn’t AT&T or Verizon make a simple bounce back, “The person you are trying to text does not receive texts.” Maybe it makes too much sense.)

Anyway, when one is late to a technological revolution, at what point does it go beyond charming oddity and into pain-in-the-assity?

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