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Musical Fridays – Ode to Friends

Posted by middlerage on November 1, 2013

Lou Reed has passed into the white light and white heat of the other side. I’m not an avid fan, and collected none of his music. Nevertheless I appreciate the influence he had on the Punk and New Wave movements of my youth. And I wouldn’t turn the dial if Walk on the Wild Side came on.

But what what Reed really means to me is an obscure movie that held a rarefied and iconic status in the salad days of young friends bonded for life. This is for that pantheon of RMA. You know who you are.

An Ode to Friends:



One Response to “Musical Fridays – Ode to Friends”

  1. Jerry said

    I’ve long harbored the theory that Reed has been the obstacle preventing the movie from coming out on DVD. I heard vague “problems with licensing the music” explanations, and he seems like the most likely problem.

    So maybe we’ll get a chance to see it again.

    That said, I appreciated Reed’s music; since I liked it more than most people I knew, I could play it when it was time for the party to end and for people to go home. Some of his stuff rates in my all-time faves.

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