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We Need to Control the Money

Posted by middlerage on November 7, 2013

I read or listened to news today. As usual. But everytime the news turned to Twitter’s IPO, I changed the channel. Privileged people making money that I have no access to. Didn’t want to hear about it.

Let’s be clear.

Twitter makes nothing. It produces no food. It builds no shelter. (Okay, I don’t either, but…) People who make no food nor build any shelter bought and sold Twitter stock and made a butt load of money today.

We need to control the money.


One Response to “We Need to Control the Money”

  1. Jerry said

    What’s saddest is that a lot of that money came FROM Joe Sixpack who wanted in on a good thing. The bank that underwrites the IPO has the ability to mostly-legally shaft individual investors.

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