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Music Fridays – A Cappella Madness

Posted by middlerage on November 8, 2013

By amazing ko-inky-dink, two sources turned me onto some fab-u-loso A Cappella Beat boxin’

First The OK’s music teacher showed her/him this fun website where you can build your own music by simple addition. Try it out!


Secondly, Mark L. put this on Facebook at it sure is a lot of fun:


5 Responses to “Music Fridays – A Cappella Madness”

  1. I find the video rather depressing. Apparently that group tours, but is that kind of hyper-processed sound the future of “live” performance?

    I go out three or four times a month and play my antique hunk of plumbing in public, producing sounds not nearly so sanitized — and making any number of audible mistakes every performance.

    Never mind. I’m just a grumpy middle-aged man who practices (at a mediocre level) a dying art form for a dwindling audience.

    • Jerry said

      Play the plumbing. Plumb the playing. Eschew the sanitizer.

    • middlerage said

      well… as a nonperformer it is all about the enjoyment for me. I like both. Watching you play cranky plumbing in a beer garten somewhere is not replaceable by the above. Just a different pleasure.

      • As a recorded artifact, I enjoyed it just fine. But it isn’t really a cappella — not with that much auto-tune. You can’t hear the “instrumental” accompaniment, but it’s there in spades. My fear is that most people think that’s what good singing actually sounds like, and that they expect every other musical experience in their lives to be just as perfect and sterile.

        Did I mention that I’m a grumpy middle-aged man?

        • middlerage said

          If you can’t be a grumpy middleaged man on the blog of middlerage then I have failed.
          Grump away mon frey.
          [fucking kids and their fucking auto tune. Steve fucking Perry never used auto tune. Pavo-fucking-rotti never used auto tune. Cher fucking Bono never… errr, wait… Etta fucking James never used auto tune]

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