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Music Fridays – Crazy Shit

Posted by middlerage on November 22, 2013

If you ever wonder if you’re being tracked on the internet… some Facebook friend posted a video of a champion yodeler from Bavaria. After I watched it, I started getting yodel “suggestions” everytime I visited YouTube. Hmmmm.

So I have to inflict these videos on you, just ’cause. They say Americans are too “smiley” and enthusiastic. But, like, oh my god, the yodeling family in the first video – grinnin’ like a toothpaste commercial at a fourth of July parade! I dub them honorary ‘mericans.

The second video defies explanation. I’ll just say I don’t (necessarily) endorse ANY of it. File under wtf. And Bavarians!

[Update: Just realized this is my 500th post. I may be slowing but I ain’t stopped yet. ]


2 Responses to “Music Fridays – Crazy Shit”

  1. Dahveed said

    And to think these people almost took over the world.

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