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The United States of Surveillance

Posted by middlerage on December 6, 2013

So Paul Walker, matinee idol of the Fast & Furious franchise has died – spectacularly. I wouldn’t normally acknowledge celebrity, but I must say his charitable contributions make him a standout and his death is definitely a loss.

The point of this post, however, is what I read in the news – crash investigators hope to learn more by examining the “black box” of the Porsche Carrera he died in. I remember when the idea of black boxes in cars first surfaced to resounding alarm a few years ago. Car manufacturers were ostensibly using them to improve cars, but insurance companies and police forces were salivating over the incriminating data trove they carried. Like all assaults on our privacy, the black boxes have faded into the background radiation noise of the universe.

Obviously they still exist, and we have forgotten yet another puzzle piece of the daily surveillance we are under. Coming soon to a traffic court near you – your car as Witness A for the prosecution.


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