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Music Fridays – Style Lessons

Posted by middlerage on February 21, 2014

With a huge caveat I enjoyed the following two videos. The first one is a history of drumming, and the second is a history of the bass guitar. I think they are clever and well written. There is a third video (not linked), in the same vein, that is a history of the rock guitar solo which results in my big caveat: I think it is foolish and inaccurate and sloppy. So it calls into question the validity of the two videos posted below. Nevertheless, I think they are interesting and educational and enjoyable, and maybe lots can be forgiven for the sake of brevity. My musician friends may take exception and pan (or rave) about all of them including the guitar solo lesson (if they search for it).

Take it away CDZA Collective…


One Response to “Music Fridays – Style Lessons”

  1. Dahveed said

    That was cool! I’m really impressed by the way the medleys were arranged. That bass player kicked ass too.

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