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Music Fridays – More Lesson

Posted by middlerage on March 1, 2014

I heard this awesome track on the local jazz station this week, and wanted to feature it on the blog. It had some killer solos on it especially by the drummer. Naturally I turned to YouTube because it seems to have everything (see video below), but it didn’t have this piece that I wanted. A brief interweb search turned up a – less than stellar – review; in fact the critic called it frat party music. I dunno what frats the critic ever visited, but … uhhh… no.

Anyway, the track is Tamanco no Samba, by Cal Tjader and his band on the album Cuban Fantasy. It is a live album culling tracks from some 1977 San Francisco sessions, and if you’re ever in the mind for some supposedly low brow jazz (sheesh), keep a look out for it.

So… instead, I am taking a completely different tangent with this edition of Music Fridays to highlight a very interesting video I did find. I’ve mentioned before that I rarely find piano music that flips my switch, but I do like the harpsichord. Born in the wrong century, perhaps.

So here ya go – everything you ever wanted to know about the harpsichord but were afraid to ask. (No, really, this really is very interesting, and you should click)


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