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Mutts and Honey

Posted by middlerage on March 24, 2014

I made a very pleasant discovery over the weekend at Ye Local Farmers Market – there’s an apple called a ‘Mutsu.’ It’s a hybrid between a Golden Delicious (ubiquitous, boring, least favorite apple) and Granny Smith (too tart for my tastes, but excellent in apple cakes and apple pies because the fruit flavor survives the cooking).

I guess it’s like when two ugly people marry and give birth to a future matinee idol, cuz boy is the Mutsu a fantastic variety. It has a subtle flavor that reminds me a lot of the Asian Pear. If you’re in the market for a crisp, delicately flavored fruit put this on your radar.


One Response to “Mutts and Honey”

  1. Mark Leisher said

    Oooh! I love new apple varieties. I’ll go bug the local chain store for this one.

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