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Threefer Thor’s Day – Part I – Happy Mayday

Posted by middlerage on May 1, 2014







It’s May one, and you know what that means – around the world the working class are celebrating. Except in ‘Merrica where we don’t go in for anything less than religious obeisance to ‘opportunity’ and ‘bootstrap lifting.’ Workers are something that other countries have. We have entrepreneurs. Mostly undiscovered entrepreneurs, but we’re all just an elevator pitch away from exiting the working class and buying a yacht.

But I think it’s time we settle down and start thinking about what’s really important feasible and practical. What could really enhance our baseline happiness a whole lot more than becoming a dot-com billionaire?

1) A real minimum wage

2) a 35 hour workday

3) elimination of “exempt” status

4) federally mandated sick leave

5) federally mandated 6 weeks of vacation

6) paid leave for maternity, paternity, and elder care

7) A real minimum wage

8) no such thing as defaulting on pensions

9) for that matter – pensions. (Instead of 401ks  self-directed money pits)

10) a resurgence of unions. In everything, including the professional class like doctors and IT workers.

11) free community college

12) free city buses

13) free health care

14) did I mention a real minimum wage?



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