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Threefer Thor’s Day – Part II – Hey! I was Just Sayin’ The Exact Same…

Posted by middlerage on May 1, 2014

thorSo just yesterday I was lamenting the thought police dust up over Ronald Racist Sterling, and I posited that if the NBA can disassociate themselves from a member over a thought crime, could my bank disassociate itself from me?

[…] Could my bank close my account and ban me as a customer if they knew how anti-1% I was? Perhaps. Should they? Ah, there’s the rub.

Hot on the heels of that post I stumbled on this news item:

Chase Shut Down The Bank Accounts Of Some Porn Stars And Didn’t Tell Them Why

Read the full article here, but basically the going theory is that Chase Bank simply doesn’t want to be associated with porn stars: http://www.businessinsider.com/porn-star-chase-bank-accounts-2014-4

BTW, I am surprised by how interesting Business Insider is and have added them to my link list of Things That Interest Me over on the sidebar – >

Sure, they have the usual business articles (rhymes with doesn’t interest me), but in between the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Cheese Moving Six Sigma Black Belt Guru Innovators and Here Are 57 Micro Junk Hedge Funds in the Jam and Jellies Sector You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring are a lot of interesting things aggregated by interesting people from all over the interweb. Like This:

Bat-Eating Spiders Are Everywhere


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