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An Anecdote, From the Male Perspective…

Posted by middlerage on June 21, 2014

…of Women Rocking

Of course it should be a given that women rock. But then there’s the fact that, without any input from me or my wife, my kids are already learning that women need rescuing, are weak, and pink is a lousy, girly color. Thank you TV, Disney, and society in general.

Anyway, this past week I was an adult volunteer for a Cub Scout summer camp (ahhh unemployment… so much free time). So here’s this program devoted to boys – activating their minds and bodies, piling on super fun activities, and spritzing with plenty of playtime. Mix in chocolaty chunks of BB guns, archery, and knot tying. Viola! better boys.

And who was responsible for all this? Plenty o’ men helped, but it was the Camp Director (a woman), the Program Director (a woman), half of the den leaders (women), and various and assorted Girl Scout volunteers, who all made the whole thing rock.

You might say there was selfish element involved, but the two directors are not mothers of Cub Scouts, and the Girl Scouts are definitely not mothers yet.

I mean, insert long, profound dissertation here, but I think the anecdote speaks for itself. Women quietly doing what they always do to make the world a better place.

’nuff said

One Response to “An Anecdote, From the Male Perspective…”

  1. Dahveed said

    I can tell you that of the 8 or so den leaders in my son’s Cub Scout pack, the best one is a woman. (Unfortunately D’s den leader is slightly worse than useless.) This woman also happens to be my wife but I’m not just saying it because of that fact. Or, put another way, I’m not just blowing smoke up your skirt.

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