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I Love Maps

Posted by middlerage on July 12, 2014

Here is a particularly interesting one that shows you what is across the ocean from you right now (it is for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, but other people could probably infer to the reveres). Those of us on the East Coast have a more interesting display, but at least my California cadre of friends can know they are across the sea from Japan (islands have been ignored ffor the sake of readability.


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Posted by middlerage on July 9, 2014

Yes it has been quiet here. Been busy with  educational classes. Or lazy. It is July. However, there are two new posts over at my other blog ->

anyhoo, I was just thinking there sure are a lot of Nissan Leafs around here. Good environmentalism. The plural of Leaf as a proper noun is Leafs, right? One wouldn’t say Nissan Leaves?

This leaves me speechless:

‘Rollin’ Coal’ culture warriors want to douse your Prius with their smoke-belching trucks


file under WTF!?!?!

How you?

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