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Good News that Makes Middlerage Seethe

Posted by middlerage on August 1, 2014

Middlerage is a Time Warner Cable subscriber. Almost exclusively for internet with a small side of television. This week comes the news that by next year Time Warner will increase our internet speeds by nearly six times – AT NO extra cost. Good news you say? It only comes on the heels of AT&T moving into the region with big plans for fiber optics.

Fuck you TWC. Monopolies suck.


2 Responses to “Good News that Makes Middlerage Seethe”

  1. Jerry said

    When cable TV first came out, pundits and whatnot predicted a cutthroat market where the companies would slice margins for the business of the consumer. Instead, the cable companies carved up the territories, agreed not to compete with one another, and jacked up prices.

    The telcos made some attempts to compete, but were hampered by the terms of the ATT breakup deal. (Fiber was brought to my doorstep in the ’90’s, then was torn out.)

    Now, there may actually be competition, but it is severely constrained. I watch ten channels, maybe another ten now and then, but I pay for 150. We’ll not have true competition until channels compete. Happily, that may be coming soon.

  2. middlerage said

    It makes me so middleragy because the “at no extra cost” qualifier means they could’ve done it all along. I look forward to ala carte channel selection. Though it is hard to tell the difference anymore: they ALL seem to offer some version of housewives reality and endless re-runs of NCIS.

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