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Wow – Overwhelmed

Posted by middlerage on August 29, 2014

I have now finished my very first week ever as a teacher.

Words fail. There is so much to say and yet I have no idea what to say. I have seen the elephant.

I promise I am not trying to be exclusionary. I am not trying to be: “You can never understand.” But I just don’t know how to translate the visceral experience of working with “challenging” kids into prose.

I am defeated.

I am overwhelmed.

I am self questioning.

I am astonished. Saddened. Exhilarated. Committed. Exhausted. Drowning. Confounded. Confused. Disrespected. Happy and Angry. Disgusted and moved. Full of hate but full of caring. Unprepared yet improvising as best as I can.

8 Responses to “Wow – Overwhelmed”

  1. Dahveed said

    Deets please!

  2. Mark Leisher said

    Remember when one of your teachers said, “I can’t wait until you’re a teacher and get students like you!”? Just kidding.

    I taught 5th grade in a private school for a couple years in the early 80’s and it was so hard I bailed and went to college to escape being asked back for another year.

  3. Mark Leisher said

    Hang in there! The first year is always the hardest (except for the other years that are hard for other reasons). Don’t dwell on your mistakes, just accept their lessons and move on. Easier said than done, I know, but someone had to post some generic advice.

  4. Jerry said

    Man, you’re right, I simply can’t imagine what it’s like to not even be done with teacher school and be teaching school. If it’s any help, I think when you get your legs underneath you, you will be an awesome teacher. For now, just survive. You’re still making the world a better place.

  5. Jerry said

    Curious: It’s inevitable that your students will find this blog (unless blogs are now so passé that it wouldn’t occur to a kid these days to look for one). How do you feel about that? Should we stop saying ‘fuck’?

    • middlerage said

      I don’t want to change this blog at all, and don’t feel I should have to. That said, I’ve read accounts of teachers getting in dutch for blogs. The other one will purposely stay more sedate, but not this one. BTW, I hear Facebook is passe – nowadays the kids supposedly use snapchat or instagram. Hope a blog is wayyyy under their radar.

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